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A Danish climate tech startup “comundo” has entered Vilnius: a record-breaking initial investment and a four-day workweek


In the Vilnius tech startup ecosystem, a new player has emerged: Danish company,
comundo. With a recently established office there, the plans are to expand the local team. In
the pre-seed stage, comundo secured a remarkable initial investment of 2.26 million euros.
This was led by People Ventures, with backing from, and other prominent
private Danish investors, making it an exceptional amount among Danish climate tech
startups. The company will allocate these funds to product and tech development and
strengthening its team in Vilnius.

Sverre Dueholm, CEO and co-founder of comundo

“We chose Vilnius because Lithuania is one of the strongest centres attracting tech talent.
We see a thriving business community in the Baltics, and as one of our first markets we want
to build a strong team here that will help us expand in Europe,” said Sverre Dueholm, CEO
and co-founder of comundo.”

comundo’s product is a plug-and-play tech solution that processes energy data in real time
and calculates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Calculating carbon dioxide emissions is a
complex process, and the founders of comundo spent four years building a simple,
affordable and effective solution. One of the primary markets for the startup is the real estate
sector, which accounts for 27% of global carbon dioxide emissions, as an increasing number
of property owners face the requirement to account for and report their buildings’ carbon
dioxide emissions.

Christian Tost, Managing Partner at People Ventures

“We believe that the next generation of companies working with ESG (environmental, social
and governance) will be much more focused and will benefit from automated solutions. We
anticipate that companies across Europe will start using the comundo solution in the coming
years,” stated Christian Tost, Managing Partner at People Ventures.

comundo is starting its operations in Vilnius with a team of six people but plans to grow it as
those working in Vilnius will contribute the most to developing new functionalities for
comundo’s product. The company places great emphasis on employee well-being and
creating a healthy workplace, which is why a four-day workweek with full pay is the norm and
applies to all employees without exception.

The company was founded in Copenhagen in 2022 and aims to expand its reach to the
entire European market by 2024. comundo’s vision is to be the biggest contributor to a
net-zero planet. For more information, visit, and for the latest company updates,
follow comundo on LinkedIn.