Mastercard Lighthouse Finale Heralds New Era for Fideum in Fintech Partnership


Fideum Group, a key player in the digital asset infrastructure for financial institutions, banks, and SMEs, has been honored as the Baltic Class Winner and the People’s Choice Award recipient in the distinguished Mastercard Lighthouse Program. These recognitions from Mastercard, a leader in global finance, validate Fideum’s innovative approach to integrating digital assets into institutional finance.


Fideum Group honored as Baltic Class Winner and People’s Choice Award recipient in Mastercard Lighthouse Program


“The Mastercard Lighthouse Program is not just an award; it’s an affirmation of our strategic vision,” states Anastasija Plotnikova, CEO of Fideum Group. “Collaborating with Mastercard propels our mission to seamlessly merge the realms of traditional finance with digital assets, offering institutions a dependable, secure, and regulatory-compliant platform.”


The Mastercard Lighthouse Program, renowned for fostering innovation in fintech, highlights companies that demonstrate groundbreaking technology and significant potential for global scalability and impact. Fideum’s recognition in this program positions it as a transformative force in digital asset services, ready to reshape institutional financial services.


This collaboration with Mastercard is a crucial milestone for Fideum, establishing it as a critical facilitator in the digital asset sector. It symbolizes a mutual goal of hastening the integration of digital assets into mainstream finance, equipping institutions to confidently navigate the digital financial landscape.


Fideum’s array of services is designed to address the intricate requirements of financial institutions. It provides a comprehensive, regulatory-compliant digital asset platform that streamlines the inclusion of digital assets into established financial systems. Fideum’s innovative services are key to addressing a burgeoning market need, ensuring clients can fully utilize digital assets within a compliant framework.


As Fideum gears up to present its digital asset solutions at the Mastercard Lighthouse Finale at Slush in Helsinki on November 30th, the focus will be on its unique ability to empower institutional clients in the digital asset domain. This event presents an invaluable opportunity for Fideum to underscore its dedication to innovation and excellence in digital asset services.


“These achievements and our ongoing partnership with Mastercard powerfully endorse our efforts,” concludes Plotnikova. “They highlight our commitment to providing secure, scalable digital asset solutions to leading financial institutions worldwide.”


For further details on Fideum’s cutting-edge digital asset services and its transformative impact on institutional finance, visit Fideum’s website.


About Fideum Group:

Fideum Group, at its core, is a visionary in the world of financial technology, specializing in the integration of digital assets into the institutional financial landscape. As an innovative leader in the fintech sector, Fideum provides sophisticated, regulatory-compliant infrastructure tailored for financial institutions, banks, and SMEs. With its adaptable microservice architecture, Fideum offers an expansive range of financial services, helping businesses seamlessly transition into the digital asset space. The company’s commitment to redefining the fintech landscape is underpinned by its focus on security, reliability, and regulatory compliance, making it a trusted partner for institutions looking to navigate and leverage the potential of digital assets. For more information, visit


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