Revolutionary Collaboration: Pocket Styler and Marc Cain Unite to Redefine Fashion Gaming


In a groundbreaking partnership that fuses the realms of gaming and fashion, Pocket Styler, the innovative app known for bridging the gap between virtual style and real-life expression, has joined forces with Marc Cain, the esteemed German premium brand who is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.

Pocket Styler has already worked with highly esteemed designer, David Koma for his SS23 resort
collection and is currently in talks with a line-up of international fashion brands to join the gaming

Launched by Vilnius-based global player Nordcurrent in May 2021, Pocket Styler has rapidly become one of the leading games allowing players to delve into the world of high fashion, cultivate their unique styles and immerse themselves. The game fosters an inclusive environment for self-expression, empowering players with limitless creative opportunities.

Pocket Styler invites players to meticulously customize their avatars, from choosing hair colour and
style to nose shape and makeup selections like eyeshadow and lipstick. Premium features extend to
preset hair and makeup options, along with consumables such as perfumes and facial glitter, all
contributing to a diverse array of rewards and bonuses.

Pocket Styler has joined forces with Marc Cain, who is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year


To mark Marc Cain’s 50th anniversary, Pocket Styler offers players to style their Avatar using pieces
from the exclusive Marc Cain anniversary collection, all virtual pieces can be purchased in real life on
the website and in store. The focus is on the love of leopard print and the specialised
knitting expertise. The collection contains a total of 50 items including accessories such as bags,
shoes and scarves. The anniversary collection will be available in stores and online from September.
Also included in this collaboration is 50 pieces from the Marc Cain AW23 collection.

The union between Pocket Styler and Marc Cain promises to redefine the intersection of fashion and
gaming, offering players an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the world of high fashion in a
truly immersive and creative way.

Victoria Trofimova Co-Founder & CEO of Nordcurrent comments that “the lines between digital and
physical fashion are blurring. Pocket Styler’s mission is to provide a platform for its players to
experience high fashion, develop a sense of style, learn to make decisions, and make new friends.
Introducing real fashion brands in Pocket Styler is a natural progression as the game evolves, and
millions of players enthusiastically support it.”

Pocket Styler has already amassed 19 million downloads since its initial launch along with players
totalling up to 20,000 hours of game time daily.



It is worth noting that according to the data of high-tech companies and talent ecosystem Vilnius TechFusion, the number of employees of the game industry in Vilnius has increased by 98%, comparing the years 2020 and 2022, and the Association of Lithuanian Game Developers claims that the total value of the Lithuanian ecosystem has reached 250 million euros.

Game developers hope that by 2030 the value of the entire industry will reach about 1 billion euros.