Old and boring are definitely not for you, especially when you need to surprise others to succeed. So where can your boldest ideas call home? Surely, in a city like Vilnius where being bold never goes out of style. It has all the key ingredients to exceed expectations.

Need proof? Well, Vilnius was ranked the second-most innovative city in Europe for 2022/2023. It’s where technology sectors of the future meet.

Powered by People

Vilnius is fearless and innovative because of the people who work and live in the city. The people leading the city’s biggest TECH sectors are the best example. Their achievements are astounding and are helping spread the word about Vilnius globally. And more often than not, they are behind initiatives that connect and galvanise the city’s business community.


Laura Guobužaitė
Head of Fintech Lithuania
Vaiva Amulė
Head of Fintech Hub LT


Inga Langaitė
Head of Unicorns Lithuania
Ričardas Jaščemskas
Lithuanian Game Developers Association


Agnė Vaitkevičienė
LithuaniaBIO. Lithuanian Biotechnology Association Vice-President/Executive Director
Ieva Plikusienė
Associated Professor and Senior researcher at Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences
Monika Paulė
CEO at Caszyme


Petras Balkevičius
Lithuanian laser Association
Mangirdas Malinauskas
Research Director at Laser Research Center of Vilnius

Honouring Vilnius’ Unicorns

Wolficorn is a special award the City of Vilnius gives to unicorns (companies with USD 1 billion market cap) operating within the capital’s ecosystem. A statuette depicting a half-wolf/half-unicorn creature – the symbols of Vilnius and successful start-ups – is the trophy given to new companies joining the exclusive unicorn club. The statue was created by Egle Zvirblyte and is kept in the Start-Up Museum housed at Talent Garden Vilnius. Two unicorns – Vinted and Nord Security – were born in Vilnius.