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A snapshot of Vilnius TechFusion

Looking to dive deep into the dynamic pulse of Vilnius? Look no further! Vilnius TechFusion has prepared a comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know about Lithuania's capital and its buzzing business ecosystem. Explore the thrilling advancements in ICT, Fintech, Lasers, GameDev, Life Sciences, and other cutting-edge sectors! Don't waste another moment – download our guide today!


Vilnius TechFusion

"Vilnius TechFusion" is the new brand representing the Lithuanian capital’s business ecosystem, which is largely tech-oriented and driven by innovation. "Vilnius TechFusion" brings companies working in the Life Sciences, Lasers, ICT & GameDev and Fintech sectors together.


Vilnius is for Talents

Vilnius is fearless and innovative, thanks to the people who work and live in the city. The professionals leading the city’s biggest TECH sectors are the best example of this. Their achievements are astounding and they’re helping spread the word about Vilnius globally. And more often than not, they play key roles when it comes to developing initiatives that connect and galvanise the city’s business community.


Vibrant Tech Ecosystem

With hundreds of innovative start-ups and companies based here, Vilnius has everything you need to start a business: association support, convenient infrastructure and ambitious talent. You'll be able to achieve your goals in Vilnius in a stress-free way, thanks to a vibrant business community.


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