A Special New Year’s Start for Lithuanian Game Developers – Virtual “TGI Fridays” Restaurant Opens



The game development and publishing company “Nordcurrent” announced a collaboration with the global restaurant chain “TGI Fridays”. In the Lithuanian-developed game “Cooking Fever,” the new restaurant was “visited” more than 4 million times within the first two weeks of its opening.


“Cooking Fever,” with over 400 million downloads worldwide, is one of the most popular restaurant management simulation games. At the turn of the year, a popular American restaurant “TGI Fridays” was “opened” in the game.


“This is the first time TGI Fridays has partnered with a video games company. The collaboration between Nordcurrent and TGI Fridays extends our brand into the digital realm, offering a meticulously crafted virtual representation of our iconic restaurant. TGI anticipates a mutually beneficial partnership that expands our reach, enhances brand recognition, and contributes to the ongoing success of our global restaurant chain,” said Kathleen Schloth, SVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer at TGI Fridays.


Physical “TGI Fridays” restaurants, since their opening day, have become a key element of American culture, known for their extensive menu and unique red-and-white interior decor. The festive atmosphere of the restaurant in “Cooking Fever,” just like in reality, invites players to experience the “Friday feeling” – celebrating everyday moments and relaxation.


“TGI Fridays” brought over 100 signature restaurant elements into the gaming world: menu items, dishes, interior design, kitchen equipment, and building exteriors. The project took nearly six months. Striving to create a recognizable yet new experience, every detail was meticulously coordinated between teams in Vilnius and Dallas, USA.


“Collaborating with such a well-known brand not only provides new experiences for our loyal players but also demonstrates our studio’s commitment to finding attractive, engaging ways to create. This strengthens the position of ‘Cooking Fever’ as one of the most popular mobile games in the culinary field,” says Viktorija Trofimova, Director of “Nordcurrent”, adding that the game currently has more than 10 million active players.

Viktorija Trofimova, Director of “Nordcurrent”


“Cooking Fever” has previously collaborated with global brands such as “Coca Cola,” “Hard Rock Cafe,” Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” and the football club “FC Barcelona.”

The collaboration with the American restaurant chain will continue throughout the year. In 2024, “Nordcurrent” plans to implement more integrations with global brands in their other games – “Pocket Styler” and “Airplane Chefs.”


The game development and publishing company “Nordcurrent” is the largest studio in Lithuania, having started its operations in 2002. The studio’s revenue in 2022 was 89.05 million euros, with a profit (EBITDA) of 9.38 million euros. The company employs over 300 staff across offices in Vilnius, Dnipro, Odessa, and Warsaw. The studio has created and released over 50 games for various platforms, with notable ones including the restaurant simulation “Cooking Fever,” flight attendant simulation “Airplane Chefs,” fashion game “Pocket Styler,” and detective game “Murder in The Alps.”


“TGI Fridays” is an American restaurant chain, focusing primarily on high-quality classic American cuisine, famous drinks, and authentic customer service that provides visitors with the “Friday feeling.” The network has been operating since 1965 and unites nearly 700 restaurants in 50 countries.