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The US company chose Vilnius for its new office: the city stood out for its technological readiness


AccuSourceHR, a US company operating in the field of employee background checks, will open its newest office in Vilnius. The Lithuanian capital impressed the company, which had been choosing between South American, Western and Eastern European cities, with its technological literacy and the business ecosystem in the city. According to Dan Filby, CEO of AccuSourceHR, the establishment of the office in the capital of Lithuania was also greatly influenced by the cooperation with local institutions, Go Vilnius, the Vilnius TechFusion ecosystem and Invest Lithuania, which presented the business opportunities in the city. Investors in Vilnius will not only look for employees to maintain the technology they have developed, but will also create innovations that will help both local and US-based businesses.


Vilnius stood out for its technological readiness

AccuSourceHR believes all businesses are unique and every client deserves high-quality, technology-driven solutions to meet the individual needs of their organization. AccuSourceHR shares this message on its website to welcome its clients. The 24-year-old background screening company has extensive presence in the US and is one of the founding members of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), the leading association advancing excellence in the background screening industry both in United States and across the globe through its APAC and Europe councils.

The company will open a new location in Vilnius, where it will develop new technologies to facilitate employee screening systems. Dan Filby, CEO of AccuSourceHR, points out that they have chosen the capital of Lithuania for the expansion because of its work ethic, education system and technological literacy: “When we were considering Vilnius as a key location for the opening of our new location, we were delighted with the city’s exceptional technological readiness. We appreciate the number of technically strong potential employees in the city who are focused on software development.”

Dan Filby, CEO of AccuSourceHR


“Innovation is core to AccuSourceHR’s worldview and we are looking for great people who have the technical skills necessary to create great solutions that support our customers. We are impressed with the education system, skills of the people, and the Vilnius TechFusion ecosystem created by the technology community in the city. I have had the pleasure to meet a wide range of people doing business in Vilnius and have been impressed with the tech culture, innovative spirit and exceptional energy. The culture and values of the Vilnius technology community mirror those at AccuSourceHR and create great fit to support continuous growth in our organization,” notes Dan Filby.


New technologies to be developed in Vilnius office

Vilnius is known for the quality of its tech workforce. Highly skilled and educated employees attract top-class investors to Vilnius. And while there is a perceived shortage of IT professionals in the country, Mr.  Filby says he believes AccuSourceHR will be attractive to potential employees because of our focus on developing  exciting new  technologies.

“AccuSourceHR offers an exciting future for potential employees. Working on new technology is fulfilling and challenging. We strive to  engage with our team and enable personal and professional growth by engaging them in the joy of discovery and creating new developments. Having spent twenty years in Silicon Valley, California, I have experience in leading great companies that develop exciting, meaningful and inventive products. I’m excited to share my knowledge with local employees,” adds the CEO.


Engaging with local businesses

As a new business unit grows, it is important that its employees feel connected to each other globally and never feel isolated.  Core to AccuSourceHR’s culture is daily communication, a robust exchange of ideas and a strong sense of teamwork.

The CEO and the AccuSourceHR team have deep experience in leading multinational organizations.  “I have come to understand the practices necessary for promoting success. When setting up a location in another country, it is very important to ensure two things: frequent, direct contact between employees, and regular visits by key management to promote connectivity and ensure support. We will create ongoing training opportunities, engagement in planning meetings and ensuring platforms for internal communication. I am also committed to travelling to Vilnius on a regular schedule and plan to spend as much time as possible in the capital of Lithuania in support of our local staff.” says Mr Filby.

“We have already begun cooperative engagement with several local companies. I have met with their representatives and have built relationships that we are excited  grow. We strive to be an active positive contributor to  the Vilnius business community and I look forward to sharing my personal experience as a leader of multinational companies.” Dan Filby, CEO of AccuSource HR, shares with passion and commitment.


About the company

AccuSourceHR, Inc. is a full-service employment screening organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  Recognized as a PBSA-accredited, award-winning 20-plus year screening industry veteran, they are committed to continuously promoting a balance between affording innovative technology and providing comprehensive, consistent, client care. This objective is reinforced by the belief every client is unique and deserves a customized program of quality background and drug screening solutions to meet their specific organizational goals. Their diverse, tenured team includes knowledgeable subject matter experts in key highly regulated and compliance-driven industries. AccuSourceHR strives to ensure every client views them as an extension of their organization’s human resources, safety, and risk mitigation teams.