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Kilo Health launches a Business Incubator, intends to invest €500K in the products created and developed during the project


Vilnius-based health technology developer and investor Kilo Health is entering the new year ambitiously, launching a new startup development project, the Kilo Health Incubator, in February. During this two-month challenge, the selected participants will turn startup ideas into reality. The ones with the most potential will secure a further investment from the company or a position at Kilo Health at the end of the challenge. The company intends to invest €500,000 in the products created and developed during the project.

“As health tech investors and creators, we always look for ambitious people to develop innovative business ideas with. To create a successful product, you must think creatively, not be afraid of risky decisions, and try new unconventional methods. That’s why we are launching the Kilo Health Incubator challenge and inviting highly driven people to join. During this challenge, we will provide opportunities for participants to showcase their talent, learn about the behind-the-scenes of startup creation, and develop a product prototype with the assistance of our experts,” explains Kilo Health CEO and co-founder Tadas Burgaila.

Kilo Health CEO and co-founder Tadas Burgaila


According to him, this project aims to provide a platform for good ideas and ambitious talents willing to test their skills in a startup environment. Participants can also choose when and how many hours they want to dedicate to this project, so people having full-time working positions can also participate.


Participants will gain access to Kilo Health support
The first Kilo Health Incubator challenge, starting in February, will last for two months. During this period, selected talents will be divided into groups of 2-3 people, and will need to refine the idea, create a minimum viable product, and present it to the jury.

Participants will get access to consultations and workshops from the Kilo Health experts and playbooks for successful product launches. Once they prove the idea’s potential, they will also get the funds needed for prototype development and market-fit validation. Participants will also be given a workspace in the company’s office located in the center of Vilnius, where they can not only work but also use the spaces for leisure: getting some exercise at the gym and enjoying food and drinks.

The winners will be those whose ideas demonstrate the highest potential along with a refined product prototype. They will be offered an investment opportunity to further develop their product or a position within Kilo Health. The company plans to invest €500,000 in the products developed during the challenge.


The most important criterion — willingness to move mountains
The Chief People Officer at Kilo Health, Ilona Bernotaite, believes that one of the most important goals of the project — allow ambitious and motivated talents to shine. That’s why the selection process will be a top priority receiving special attention, and the criteria, according to Bernotaite, won’t be limited to professional experience.

“Experience can be an advantage, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Hence, we hope to attract ambitious, determined people who are not afraid of challenges. We will not only consider work experience but will also seek individuals with passion — those who believe in themselves and want to prove they can move mountains,” says Bernotaite.


Talents interested in participating in the Kilo Health Incubator challenge are invited to fill out an application: https://incubator.kilo.health/


About Kilo Health
Kilo Health is a digital health and wellness company with more than 6,5 million customers worldwide. Since 2021, it has been listed as the second fastest-growing company in Europe on the Financial Times FT 1,000 and the second fastest-growing company in Central Europe on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list.

Currently, the company has 600+ experts and working hubs across 5 European cities. Kilo Health’s portfolio contains over 30 innovative digital health products in chronic disease management, mental health improvement, and healthy habit change.