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Lithuania: An Introvert’s Paradise


It’s no secret that when you first come to Lithuania, you might find the majority of people acting shy or sometimes even anti-social. Well, that’s not entirely true; however, we are mostly just very introverted. We have been rated to be one of the most introverted countries in the world.  We are social, but only when we need to be or when we feel comfortable. Even if it may seem that being unintentionally distant is in our culture and blood, we encourage you to read more to find if moving to Lithuania could benefit you as a fellow introvert.


Integrating into the local culture

Foreigners often wonder why Lithuanians are less talkative than people in other countries. Moreover, most foreigners here are often surprised that locals don’t engage in small talk over a cup of coffee at the office, and let’s not even start with the lack of a personal touch when congratulating each other on reaching a milestone.

However, this only applies before you really get to know locals. Once you spend more time at the new office, you will see that the majority of people are warm and kind. You will quickly learn that having their own space is crucial, which is why Vilnius is the perfect place for developers and programmers, who in all honestly love the “do not disturb” kind of lifestyle.

A quiet place with a high quality of life

Lithuania is also one of the quietest places in the world where you can relax and avoid stressed busy cities and long workdays. The tranquillity outside has a meditative effect, so you can also save money by cancelling the CALM app for your daily meditation. Plus, Vilnius is one of the greenest capitals in Europe, so there’s always a huge park or forest nearby for those in need of alone time where they can connect with nature. 

Paradise for remote work in tech sectors

Lithuania is ranked fifth globally for remote work opportunities, thanks in part to the business ecosystem and infrastructure here, which allow introverts to work remotely without the pressure of socialising with colleagues and people around. 

Plus, the Vilnius TechFusion initiative is putting the city’s various tech sectors in the spotlight, creating an inspirational ecosystem that encourages collaboration and next-level development, both at the individual and business levels. As such, the FinTech, Biotech, ICT and Laser sectors, as well as Vilnius’ startup ecosystem and its unicorns, make it well-suited for tech devs and other introverted individuals. 

Moving to one of the greenest capitals in Europe is easy. Feel like giving Vilnius a try? Then visit our website to find out more about relocating to Vilnius. Vilnius TechFusion is a close-knit community that connects the most advanced technology sectors and a unique environment where new talents emerge daily. Our startups, scaleups and unicorns can hire outright! Not to brag, but Vilnius is: the best city in Europe for foreign direct investment strategy, according to fDi Intelligence and 5th in the world for remote working. What are you waiting for?