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Innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to do good for those who need it the most – these 3 principles hold our community together.


The last one has become a Christmas tradition at (UAB “Exigam”). For 6 years already, the company has helped various charity projects, such as “SOS Children’s Villages,” “Maltese organisation,” “Crisis Pregnancy Center,” and so on.

In 2021 helped two children’s centers in Lithuania: Vileikiškių day-care center “Lašelis” and Veriškių day-care center. The company’s donation went towards purchasing toys, educational materials, and the renovation of classrooms and playgrounds.

The company is pleased to announce that in October this year, finished the last repair works in Vileikiškių day-care center “Lašelis” and thus completed this project for 2021.

Christmas is coming! If the story of inspired you, its team invites you to cooperate. Together our impact will be much greater!


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IT company founded in 2016 in Vilnius and owned by UAB “Exigam.” provides daily technical stock analysis commentaries and financial data for more than 25 000 publicly traded companies.

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