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Vilnius-based global sustainable mobility app Walk15 invites you to support Ukraine in the steps challenge


As the annual commemoration of the war in Ukraine approaches, the second largest public support campaign for Ukraine, named “Radarom,” has begun in Lithuania. This year, people from Lithuania and around the world are invited to support and protect Ukrainian soldiers through a new form of contribution by participating in the first-ever “Radarom: Walking for Ukraine” steps and donation challenge within the “#walk15” app.


Vlada Musvydaitė, CEO & Founder of Walk15


“I was born in Ukraine, in Dnipro, and I wholeheartedly support the selfless struggle of Ukrainians for freedom. For the second consecutive year, we are joining the ‘Radarom’ campaign—this year proposing a global innovation that allows not only walking but also contributing for anyone, wherever you are in the world. In just the first three days, over a thousand people, as well as companies, educational institutions, organizations, have started walking in the challenge, forming 260 teams from Lithuania, Latvia, the UK, Norway, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ukraine, the USA, and other countries,” says Vlada Musvydaitė-Vilčiauskė, the founder and CEO of the Vilnius-based startup “Walk15”.


Challenge goal – 652.82 million steps

Anyone can join the global sustainable mobility platform “Walk15” – initiated step challenge called “Radarom: Walking for Ukraine.” The organizers invite individuals to walk with their family, friends, colleagues, or classmates, forming teams of up to four people. The goal of the challenge is for everyone together to walk around Ukraine at least 100 times in a month, which amounts to 652.82 million steps.


A moment from the historic run “Running with the Flag for Ukraine to NATO”


“The most important thing during this challenge is that throughout the month, we engage in thoughts, discussions, and sharing stories about Ukraine. Every step is essential because today we can freely choose where to go, with whom, and when, unlike adults and children living in Ukraine or soldiers fighting on the front lines. We must be grateful to Ukraine’s heroes for our safety. We can thank them by protecting them—funds raised from the ‘Radarom’ campaign will be used to purchase safe soldier kits,” says V. Musvydaitė-Vilčiauskė, who also participated in last year’s historic run, “Running with the Flag for Ukraine to NATO.”


A moment from the historic run “Running with the Flag for Ukraine to NATO”


The organizers calculated that during the first days of the campaign, participants have already collectively walked around Ukraine more than four times. The participation fee for the step challenge is €4.99. The entire amount, minus third-party mediation fees, will be transferred to the “Radarom” campaign.


Special diplomas will await

People can join and collect steps in the donation challenge until the eve of the second anniversary of the war—February 23 at 23:59. The “#walk15” app can be downloaded to your smartphone from the “App Store” or “Google Play”.

If the app is already downloaded, users can join the challenge directly by clicking on this link on their phones: https://walk15.app/challenge/code/RADAROM.

After the challenge concludes, all participants will receive a virtual diploma commemorating the team’s support and the steps taken for Ukraine.

Funds raised during the “Radarom” campaign will be used to purchase safe soldier kits, including night vision monoculars, laser sights, and individual anti-drone devices. According to the latest information from the campaign organizers, over €1 million has already been donated.


You can also contribute to the “Radarom” campaign by calling the short number 1485 (€5) or visiting the website Radarom.lt.