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Vilnius-born pet care app “Boop” expands to neighboring countries with €300,000 investment


“Boop” team in Vilnius


Vilnius-born mobile app “Boop”, which has captivated Lithuanian dog and cat owners, is venturing into new markets, expanding to Poland and Finland. It has secured its first €300,000 investment from UAB “Globalūs Investiciniai Sprendimai” and reached a valuation of €3 million.


“LitBAN” birthday turns into €300,000 investment

The ‘LitBAN’ five-year anniversary event marked a turning point for the pet care app, created by Lithuanian entrepreneurs Deividas Celencevičius and Gediminas Geigalas. It was there that Deividas had a serendipitous encounter with business angel Žilvinas Skardžius. Their subsequent conversations, spanning several months, blossomed into a significant investment of €300,000 from Žilvinas’ UAB “Globalūs Investiciniai Sprendimai” in October of this year.


“We recognize the rapid growth of the pet industry and the increasing demand for care services that prioritize pet welfare. We have full confidence in the “Boop” team’s expertise, and our investment will fuel the successful expansion of their services,” remarks business angel Žilvinas Skardžius.


“This investment will enable us to expand more rapidly into other countries. We envision “Boop” becoming the leading pet care provider in neighboring countries and Scandinavia,” says Deividas Celencevičius, one of the founders of “Boop”.


If insurance company – first partner

The insurance company “If” became the first company to place its trust in the “Boop” app and established a strategic partnership, offering exclusive pet insurance during care. Joana Margytė, Head of Partner Development at “If”, highlights that “Boop” is the most innovative and fastest-growing “If” pet insurance partner in the Baltic States and expresses satisfaction with their successful collaboration for the second year.


Pet safety at the forefront

The app connects pet owners with individuals who are eager to care for and love their four-legged companions. The owner posts a pet care listing, and nearby caregivers can choose the pet and offer their services at their own rates. The owner then selects from a pool of offers based on experience, previous ratings, and reviews from other owners. Additionally, pets can be insured against accidents, illnesses, and damage to others during care. The contract clearly outlines the rights and responsibilities of both owners and caregivers.


Loving pet caregivers – the secret to success

“Boop” distinguishes itself from traditional pet boarding services by providing care in either the owner’s or caregiver’s home. For cats, caregivers typically visit the owner’s residence, while dogs stay at the caregiver’s home and may also accompany them to the office or other locations. This ensures that pets receive maximum attention, and there have even been instances where pets are reluctant to return to their owners.


Top ranks in “Google Play” and “App Store”

This summer, the app reached the top spots for downloads in both “Google Play” and “App Store” across Lithuania. July and August are the busiest holiday months, with the highest volume of pet care service requests. During this period, the app actively serves approximately 15,000 members per month.


A passion for pets

The “Boop” team comprises five experts in their respective fields – Deividas, Gediminas, Gerda, Tomas, and Mindaugas. All are pet owners – cats and dogs – and both provide and utilize “Boop” care services. This not only contributes to the app’s development and enhancement but also fosters a strong connection with the “Boop” caregiver community. And it all stems from a deep love for animals.


About “Boop”

“Boop” is a Lithuanian-created mobile app that assists dog and cat owners in finding care during their travels. The app has been operating successfully for three years and boasts over 30,000 community members across Lithuania. The current valuation of “Boop” stands at €3 million.



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Vilnius TechFusion startup awards will be held on January 11, 2024, this year they are organized by Vilnius city tourism and business development agency “Go Vilnius”, Lithuanian startup association “Unicorns Lithuania” and “Sunrise Tech Park”.