Vilnius-born TransferGo Recognized Among Leaders in the Financial Sector in Ukraine



The leading global money transfer company, Vilnius-born TransferGo, has been recognized as one of the best cross-border payment services at the prestigious Payspace Magazine Awards (PSM Awards) in Ukraine. The company was awarded a silver nomination as the best provider of cross-border transfer services, alongside two Ukrainian banks. It was the only fintech company recognised in this category.

The PSM Awards, an annual ceremony launched in 2016, continues to celebrate and recognize the outstanding achievements of leading companies and industry experts, providing a platform where innovation and service excellence flourish. Its most recent ceremony saw more than 200 companies compete in 23 different categories. The winners in each category were elected by actual users and the jury.


In 2018, TransferGo became the first international money transfer company to offer free money transfers to Ukraine. Since the outbreak of the devastating war, the company has stood in full solidarity with Ukraine. It still applies the lowest possible fees and encourages international financial sector partners to act in solidarity with Ukraine. TransferGo reached agreements with global payout partners such as VISA and Mastercard, and, together with the European Bank, signed an agreement to keep transaction fees as low as possible up to 3 percent. According to the World Bank, the average fee for transfers to Ukraine is 7 percent.

“Our commitment to supporting Ukraine remains unshakable. We recognize the real heroes who are fighting for their country in the bunkers, on the front line, or supporting their families and soldiers from abroad. Providing a high-quality international money transfer service at the lowest possible fee and raising international awareness were the least we could do back when the war started. We will continue our support until needed and ensure financial inclusion is supported with world-class money transfer solutions,” noted Daumantas Dvilinskas, co-founder, and CEO of TransferGo.

Daumantas Dvilinskas, Co-Founder and CEO of TransferGo


Over the last seven years, TransferGo has become a significant player in the remittance market to Ukraine. The fintech company facilitates the transfer of more than $500 million annually to Ukraine from Europe. TransferGo continues to maintain the lowest transaction fees for this market, at no higher than 3 percent.