Inion Software enters the wind power market


Inion Software, a Lithuanian company with extensive experience in developing advanced monitoring and analysis systems for solar power plants, is entering new energy waters. The company has also started providing control solutions for wind power plants.


This move is no coincidence for the company. Recent studies and statistics show that wind power is becoming an increasingly important source of electricity generation, helping to reduce carbon emissions.


Dr Šarūnas Stanaitis, the CEO of Inion Software: ‘Solar power plants have become a common phenomenon in Lithuania. The situation is somewhat different with wind plants, whose potential has not yet been exploited in the country. Our country is in a climate zone where we cannot benefit from frequent sunshine or strong winds. This is evidence that we need to make the maximum use of the time when the environment is helping us to generate energy. With this objective in mind, we have decided to use our expertise to develop cutting-edge wind power plant control solutions for Lithuanian and foreign energy producers’.


Wind Power

One of the first wind power plants to use Inion Software solutions was built in Gaudikaiciai village, Degaiciai municipality, Telsiai district. Aidmantas Bernatonis, Director of Dalis Gero, the company that built the plant in North-western Lithuania, explains that the installation of the wind power plant is not a rapid process, but the outcome enables one to enjoy the volume of electricity generated.


“This wind power plant started operating at the beginning of this year.  The design, alignment and other work took about 4 years to complete. Although it takes longer to install such a plant than, for example, a solar park, the amount of electricity generated by the wind turbine is much higher. Our plant has a capacity of 2 MW,” says Mr Bernatonis.


The CEO of Inion Software says that the company has offered solutions to connect the power plant to ESO’s (distribution system operator in Lithuania) grid, and has installed remote power plant control equipment that allows ESO to manage the power plant in an emergency.


A Growing Interest

In recent years, many countries have pledged to increase the share of renewable energy in their energy production, and wind plants are one of the primary sources contributing to this goal. This expansion is driven by increasing concerns about climate change and technological improvements in wind turbines that enhance their efficiency and economic appeal.


In this context, Dr Stanaitis is convinced that the popularity of wind power plants will only increase, mainly as tools are being developed that enable them to ensure maximum efficiency. He also indicates that the development of wind power plants encourages the growth of a sustainable economy, with a consequent increase in jobs.


Significant Experience

Inion Software has been developing monitoring and analysis tools for use in solar power plants for more than five years, and demand for these tools is growing yearly. The company also develops and adapts intelligent battery management systems that use artificial intelligence algorithms to predict and select the most efficient scenario for the power generation process.