Lithuania invites international Proptech startups to solve Built Environment Decarbonisation challenges


On the 20-22nd of March, Vilnius will become the epicentre of collaboration of the largest real estate companies in the Baltics and global Proptech startups that wish to get a boost or launch their products in the European market. The Built Environment Decarbonisation Bootcamp, organised by the Lithuanian Proptech Association, prominent industry players and the State property manager Turto Bankas, is the first and largest event of this kind in the region.


A moment from the event


The program will take place in Vilnius on the 20-22nd of March to celebrate International Earth Day. It was developed together with Katalista Ventures – the go-to accelerator and global advisory for startups with a positive impact on people and the planet. The program will help local and international Proptech startups prepare their products for a successful market launch in the Baltics.


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During the intensive 3-day event startups will be introduced to Lithuanian and Baltics markets from the legal and business perspective. They will work directly with the largest real estate companies to understand their specific challenges and to solve them. The event will give startups unparalleled exposure to the majority of the real estate market players, direct contact with the decision-makers and support from the entire ecosystem, including mentorship from the most successful Proptech founders, and industry experts in the region.


Martinas Eitmonas, the president of Proptech Lithuania, states that: “Due to its relatively small market size and ability to bring all the dominant market players into one room, Baltics is the perfect sandbox to test and pilot new products.”


The official patron of the event, Lithuanian Vice-minister of Economy and Innovation Erika Kurockina says: “Lithuanian startups have already proved that it’s possible to build world-class companies worth billions of euros in our region. The Fintech industry is a great example of how in a short time a young ecosystem can flourish into a globally recognised hub. When looking at the Built environment, we need Proptech to help meet emission requirements and to become leaders of sustainability in Europe in general.”


The real estate industry is one of the biggest CO2 emitters, responsible for 40% of emissions globally. Companies in the EU face tremendous pressure from the regulators — the European Commission, including EU Green Deal and Taxonomy.


The partners of the program — Eastnine, Eika, Turto Bankas, Jung, and Civinity — invite startups to take the opportunity and participate in the Bootcamp. All selected candidates will have access to the extensive portfolio of over 14 million m² owned and managed by the event’s partners. The program is free of charge for all attending startups.


Register by the 1st of March – https://bootcamp.proptechlithuania.com/