Lithuanian unicorn unveils innovative employer branding campaign: spotlight on 21 employee stories


The global cybersecurity company Surfshark has unveiled a new employer branding campaign in Lithuania, featuring the success stories of 21 employees on outdoor billboards in Vilnius and Kaunas


Surfshark, which has recently attracted another €100M investment together with Nord Security, has unveiled a new employer branding campaign in Lithuania. On outdoor billboards in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania’s second unicorn tells the success stories of 21 employees.


“Before we started planning this campaign, we conducted market research that revealed one of the most frequently cited criterion for employee satisfaction: a close relationship with colleagues. Symbolically, the idea for this campaign also emerged from discussions with our colleagues on how to highlight the unique aspects of working at Lithuania’s second unicorn. We decided that the most sincere approach is to let employees speak for themselves, sharing the different accomplishments of their teams, the exciting challenges, and the job’s benefits – as they see them,” says Simona Lubyte, Surfshark’s Employer Brand Team Lead.


According to her, this employer branding campaign is already becoming a tradition in Lithuania: “Last year, we shared 15 stories of Surfshark employees in this manner, and this year we return with 21. To view them all on outdoor billboards, you’d have to journey across Vilnius and Kaunas extensively,” says S. Lubyte.


From Junior Specialist to Head of Development in Asia

Kasparas Jakstonis is one of the heroes of this year’s campaign, having achieved a truly impressive career leap in just 4 years at Surfshark. Starting as an Influencer Marketing Manager, K. Jakstonis now leads business development in Asia.


“Over the past four years, I’ve learned the importance of rapid adaptability and flexibility, which are valuable for both personal and professional growth. These skills are highly appreciated by the team and contribute to the overall value of the company and the entire startup ecosystem in Lithuania,” says K. Jakstonis.


He recalls that four years ago, influencer marketing in Lithuania was just beginning to emerge, so K. Jakstonis joined the Surfshark team with no significant experience in this field.

“Beyond the fundamental knowledge of business operations and marketing that I possessed when I began my career with the company, it was my colleagues — a team of professionals who generously shared their experience and advice — that fueled my rapid development. I am immensely grateful to them for my successful career leap in just four years,” adds K. Jakstonis.


IT and marketing professionals are in the highest demand

Laura Grikinyte, Tech Talent Acquisition Lead, explains that Surfshark releases a new cybersecurity product every year, leading to corresponding expansions of the development teams. In 2022 alone, over 180 new employees joined the company.


“This year, we are actively seeking to hire data specialists who facilitate improved team productivity and more effective result measurement. Naturally, IT specialists in various domains continue to be in high demand, both within our company and throughout the country. Throughout the selection process, we place significant emphasis not only on candidates’ technical skills but also on their personal qualities, particularly their motivation and eagerness to learn,” says L. Grikinyte.

Gertruda Trinkunaite, Non-tech Talent Acquisition Lead at Surfshark, adds that the recent €100M investment, raised in collaboration with Nord Security for the second time, has further expanded opportunities for business development in foreign markets. This expansion has led to increased demand for Regional Manager positions.


“Regional Managers are already operating in the German, Brazilian, and South Korean markets. In the near future, we plan to expand our team by hiring Regional Managers in the Netherlands, United States, and Mexico. However, the largest volume of hires is centered in Lithuania, where we are actively recruiting partnership and influencer marketers, PR professionals, and integrated communications experts,” says G. Trinkunaite.


Surfshark is a cybersecurity company focused on developing humanized privacy and security solutions. The Surfshark One suite includes one of the very few VPNs audited by independent security experts, an officially certified antivirus, a private search tool, and a data leak alert system. Surfshark is recognized as the Independent’s Editor’s Choice for Best Value VPN 2023.