Massive Achievement: Vilnius-based Pixelmator Team Wins Apple Awards


© Apple. „Pixelmator Team“


Photomator, a commercial photo editing application developed by Vilnius-based Pixelmator Team, has been named this year’s Best Mac Application by Apple. It is the only company in Lithuania and the Baltic States to win this award.


As the creative industry continues to grow, for more than a decade, Apple has been honoring innovation, ingenuity, and creators at the end of the year by announcing the best apps and games in various categories. Millions of apps are created each year by corporations worth billions of dollars and small teams alike. In the final round of this year’s App Store Awards, 40 finalists were selected in ten different categories.


In the Mac App of the Year category, Photomator competed against Portal, an English productivity app, and Linearity Curve, a German vector drawing app that attracted over $25 million in investments in 2021.


“We are very grateful to both the App Store team for recognizing our hard work and to every user of Photomator. Our company has developed three Mac apps in its lifetime, all winning Mac App of the Year awards. This is a huge accolade that encourages us to continue to develop and ensure that this app is the best and most user-friendly photo editing tool available,” said Simonas Bastys, Chief Technology Officer.


Unlike the world-famous Photoshop, which can be difficult for the beginner to master, the strength of Photomator for Mac lies in making complex processes accessible and understandable to everyone who uses the tool, making it suitable not only for photo editing professionals.


“We use machine learning tools and artificial intelligence models to make it possible to achieve all the results you want at the click of a button — to adjust colors, remove objects, sharpen poorer quality photos,” said Bastys. “We are also already working with our team to develop even more exciting new features and updates, which we will roll out later this year. We’ll also have new features in the pipeline for 2024.”


Mr. Bastys added that the Pixelmator Team’s use of the Apple Neural Engine may have also contributed to the victory, as it reduced the number of button clicks needed to get the right result extremely fast, sometimes in less than a second.


This is the fourth Apple Award for the Pixelmator Team. Previously, they have also participated in the awards with Pixelmator Classic and Pixelmator Pro. Pixelmator won the Mac App of the Year award in 2011 and 2018, and the iPad App of the Year award in 2014. The recent version of the Photomator app has previously won the prestigious Apple Design Award for design and technology innovation in 2019.



About Pixelmator Team

Pixelmator Team is a company founded in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2007 by two brothers Sauliaus and Aidas Dailidžius. It focuses on the development of innovative video editing applications for the iOS operating system. The company’s tools stand out by making complex processes accessible and intuitive for everyone, so that not only professionals can edit photos with high quality. Pixelmator and Photomator have received attention from all over the world and have won several prestigious awards.